Saturday, October 18, 2008

I'm afraid for these young people

On our way home from an errand today I saw this guy standing by his car with his child sitting on the trunk. “It’s a child not a choice”. And I thought what a great example for this little kid, to be sitting on a car in the cold on a Saturday afternoon while cars whiz past at 40 or so mph. As we kept driving we saw more and more signs. Sometimes there were 2 people of each corner of an intersection with a different religious sign. As you can see from the two pictures they weren’t old crazy homeless people but young people who are apparently not aware at how offensive their signs really were. This is when I have a problem with religion. How can their God be loving and accepting and yet these people be filled with such hate? I couldn’t take a picture of every sign but the title of this note is yet another example of what I saw today. I am very afraid that if John McCain and Sarah Palin are elected into office this will be the norm and accepted. Part of me wants to go to an Obama rally and start yelling “Smash the Cracker”. I know it isn’t correct in any sense of the term but no one is voicing their outrage at Palin’s rallies when the crowd cries “Terrorist” or “Kill Him” Why is there such a double standard for racism?

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