Saturday, October 04, 2008


Stopped by the butterfly house where I used to work yesterday after viewing 'Lucy'.
While I was happy to be in such a bright and sunny environment, I was also glad that I didn't work there anymore.
There were some new very cool looking plants but alas I was having more fun trying to take pictures of the butterflies.

This is my all time favorite butterfly.


Chris and Sonja said...

What? No identification on those butterflies?! I'm expecting common names, at the very least!

How was it? (Lucy/Animal Care/PSC in general)

Luna Indigo said...

why on earth would I want to ID the butterflies? mormons, owls, morphos, paper kites, etc...;-) Lucy is good, I like the last parts of the exhibit the best, where there are lots of bones. Mollie and I were only in the insect village not the rest of animal care. PSC seems the same even though the staff has changed.