Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Road Trip to Montana

Over the weekend we headed to Montana for a wedding and much of our driving hours were spent crammed in back between the two car seats just to help keep the kids sane. This just goes to show us that we are going to have to unfortunately buy a bigger car. What normally would have been about an 8 hour trip there took more like 14 hours and all of us wanted to be free of the car by hour 11!
I decided that I could take pictures out the window just to entertain myself.
shh...don't tell anyone but I took this one while I was driving! Hello Vantage WA!

Check out the cheap gas! Too bad Montana is so far away. Remember when spending $1.25 a gallon was normal?
I have more pictures that I will post of our drive through a wildlife preserve and what not. Be patient. :-)

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