Thursday, June 26, 2008

A Montana Wildlife Refuge

Check it out...above we have a doe
Look now, there is her fawn! That little guy was great at hiding!
Two adult osprey on their nest
I don't know what type of bird it is but it was sure pretty!
Here we have yet another bird whose name I don't know. Can you tell how much I am into birding? At least I can appreciate them.
I took this shot to show how beautiful it is there. You would never guess it is surrounded by houses, farms and a golf course would you?
A blue heron

A different osprey nest
An osprey from the above nest checks out the surroundings
Why here we have a red winged black bird!
Do you see the great blue heron up in the tree?
Here are two more great blue herons perched up high


Christopher & Sonja said...

great pictures. I don't know what the bright yellow one is but I'd say the one on the powerline is a kingfisher, based on it's profile. I espeically like the osprey photos.

Luna Indigo said...

oh, yea! kingfishers, I used to know that.