Wednesday, May 14, 2008

yet more painting, this time in the kitchen

Nine years ago when I bought this house with the help of my dad I got to repaint all of the main floor. However my choices of paint color imposed upon me by my parents was highly limited. I was shocked they actually let me do some stencils in the kitchen. My paint choices were limited to various shades of white. While I liked my choice of stencil at the time I vowed never to do it again. It was highly time consuming and repetitive.
On Sunday I began the process of painting the kitchen. The picture above is of our nook and I haven't painted anything in there yet but it is a great example of how that ivy was everywhere in the kitchen.
This was the first coat of my accent color and I thought to myself "oh, no it looks like an old lady and we need to put up lots of lace!"
Thankfully after I put on a second coat and applied the blue it looked much better.
Last night I painted a bit more in the kitchen, with each brush stroke I say good-bye to the ivy. The main walls will still be in the white family (Moroccan Moonlight--where do they come up with these names for paint?) I'll slowly paint my entire kitchen piece by piece. It sure does take a bit longer with two kids in the mix!

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