Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Little Bites of sunshine

This last weekend I spent way too much time in the kitchen. I must have gotten a baking bee in my bonnet because I baked 3 cheese bread, cinnamon swirl bread, yellow cake with chocolate butter cream frosting, lemon cookies and lime cookies (as you can see above in the picture). I had never made lime cookies but they turned out really well and had a bit of spice too them. People always love my lemon cookies and I thought why not try and make lime cookies to go with them. They have proved to be popular with everyone who has tried them.


Christopher & Sonja said...

They look delish!! I don't suppose you'd like to share the recipe?

Luna Indigo said...

a good chef never gives out their recipes just like you don't tell how a magic trick is done. But you can fly up here and I'll make them for you anytime!

Christopher & Sonja said...

I'll be on the next plane up! :)