Saturday, April 12, 2008

So long bowling.....

On monday at 1 AM the Sunset Bowling Alley here in Ballard will close its doors forever. It will be knocked down and a new building will be erected. There will be apartments and a shopping area (Trader Joe's is rumored to be moving in).
I was bowling here on the stormy sunday many moons ago when the new piece of the I-90 floating bridge sank into Lake Washington.
I spent some other fun nights here to and I know I have friends that have fond memories of this bowling alley too. The parking lot was generally always full.
But make way for the future! I'm tired of all the old classic businesses being plowed under for new ugly high rises. They don't have any character.
And yet some crazy group of people thought they should save the old Denny's across the street. This building was set to be demolished months ago and now that has been halted. Why couldn't they have done that for the bowling alley instead? It has a far richer history then this silly Denny's building.

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