Monday, April 07, 2008

new shoes

Since about mid December I have been trying to replace a pair of shoes that I wear all the time. Had I known four years ago that they would be irreplaceable I might just have bought a second pair. They are a pair of mary janes made by Timberland and they have been super comfortable (I wore them in NZ and AUS without getting blisters when I first bought them), I didn't really have to break them in. In my quest to replace them (they are not made anymore!) I have gone through at least four different pairs of shoes made by various different brands. I took a giant leap of faith last week and ordered the most expensive pair yet from the Sundance catalog, thinking that I was most likely going to have to send them back. These shoes are really cool and from Spain, the leather is dyed from vegetables and the soles are made from recycled plastic. As you can see from the picture above they are pretty simple without much fuss. It seems that I might have actually replaced my old shoes, although nothing is quite as comfortable as they are.

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