Thursday, March 20, 2008

Very Random Photos from my trip to Kaua'i

geckos are everywhere on Kaua'i so it was nice to catch a picture of this anole sunning it's self on the hibiscus bush outside our cottage one day
Doesn't it look like a donkey got stuck in the sand?
I swear all the run over frogs look exactly the same and it doesn't matter what state of decomposition they are in either. They take one last jump and get squashed!
If you have never been to the island of Kaua'i then you might not know that chickens and roosters are everywhere. After hurricane Inki struck in '92 it managed to free some chickens (and do about 2 billion dollars worth of damage) who have been breeding nicely every since. Roosters make noise any hour of the day not just when the sun comes up.
Ok, I know it is a generational thing but come on! A hat, he's carrying his shirt, shorts and white socks pulled up? Why the socks? The day before he had socks pulled up to his knees!
I promise to post more of my photos once I've actually gone through them all and I have gotten myself back onto Seattle time.


Christopher & Sonja said...

GREAT Photos! I think my favorite one was trying to find the red cardinal. At least I think it's a cardinal. Whatever that red bird is that hidden among the tree branches!!

Luna Indigo said...

you are correct! those darn birds were so hard to capture on film! They have a lovely song...