Monday, March 31, 2008

A very pink failure

In the rental cottage we stayed on Kaua'i they had tons of random books and magazines. I've decided there must be a magazine for just about any subject you can think of these days. The 2 favorites of the owners were Coastal Living and Cottage Living (or something along those lines), there was also this magazine about simple solutions for every day life. In there was a recipe of making cupcakes in ice cream cones. I guess it must just be for novelty because I really can't see the point of it. Anyway, yesterday I tried my hand at making these cupcakes in cones without the recipe. About an hour after I had frosted these babies and discovered that they were not cooked all the way in the cone I suddenly remembered that I was supposed to cook them at a lower temperature. 12 very pink cupcakes ended up in the yard waste bin (well, make that 11 since I gave one to the dog since he had a birthday recently. I do know that I am not supposed to do that! but come on he did turn 9 this year!) It is good to fail at baking every once in a while it reminds me that I am still learning the art.

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