Friday, March 21, 2008

Hibiscus Hula Cottage and dish towels

Here is a picture of the little cottage we rented while on Kaua'i, notice the car too. I don't understand this but every time we rent a car we always end up with some really random vehicle. Maybe it is because my husband is 6'6" or they just think they can get away with it. For some reason we got a Lincoln Town Car this time, never mind all the other people in front of us were given mustangs, calibers or other more typical cars. We felt like grandma and grandpa out for a drive whenever we took this car for a spin. What a boat!
Why ever did I take 2 pictures of dishtowels? I heard this exclamation come from the kitchen on the second day : There is a dress towel in here! My husband has never encountered dishtowels with crochet tops before, in fact I bet most people haven't. I grew up in a family where this was a common occurrence. It is evidence of a bygone era, you all probably know about bedazzling an object well, this is the same concept accept with crochet and it comes from the 50's (I think).

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