Thursday, January 31, 2008

Kitchen Woes

As with our bathroom, pink seems to be the favorite choice of the old owner. For 10 years I have lived with this horrid color in my kitchen and bathroom and finally we are removing it all.
We had to hire a different contractor to replace our kitchen counter. He, along with us thought it should be an easy enough job, remove the old put in the new. Thanks to our crazy weather lately the job kept getting put off until finally he showed up today to do our job.
As he and his co-worker were assessing the job this morning here is what they found underneath the plastic (yes! plastic tiles).
What we think is happening is water from either outside or the faucet (yes, it is really lose) is getting into the wall. Causes who knows how much damage. What it means for us is way more work then we thought. All the cabinets are going to have to be removed, and the walls and window fixed. Instead of the one day job that it was originally going to be it will now probably be about a week worth of work. Yes, one week to replace all this stuff, and no kitchen. I tell you house ownership keeps you busy!

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