Sunday, October 14, 2007

The latest pet trend in medicine

My neighbor who is a veterinarian suggested I try giving a small amount of Pepcid AC to my cat who has started to randomly vomit up bile. He said it could be she has acid reflux and this was the latest "pet trend" in medication. Off to Target I went and came home with their generic brand. It wasn't until I was about to open the box I noticed their "actual size" on the side of the box. Which to me usually means pill size. Check out what their "actual size" idea is:
Because we all are concerned about the size of the actual bottle! :-)


Christopher & Sonja said...

Why on earth would they do that? Seriously, I can't think of a single rational explanation. Maybe because people are thinking that there will be a tiny pill bottle inside the big box?
How strange.

Luna Indigo said...

I thought it was so funny that there was that picture. And truth be told the bottle inside the box was in fact that big. Why they needed to put a box around a bottle it beyond me.