Saturday, October 13, 2007


It is one of those nerve racking questions you face as a parent; should we buy the double wide stroller or the double single file stroller? I personally have always found the doublewides to be used by people who are completely unaware that there is anyone else in the world but them. They get this attitude about how it is in their right to take up the entire sidewalk or just park their huge SUV like stroller in the middle of a passageway. I promised myself if I ever had to go down that road that I would buy a single file double stroller because I did not want to be that obnoxious parent. A few weeks ago we had to start looking at these strollers since we have an impending addition coming very soon and our little three year old has yet to take her first steps. I was saddened to discover that the single file style double strollers are incredibly heavy without any kids in them. (They can weigh 35 or more pounds.) I also found that their handling was tough around corners and tight places. Which made me start looking at the doublewides, there are the ones that are really huge and then there are ones that aren’t quite so wide. These strollers can run the gamut of prices too (we are talking a few hundreds to thousands of dollars). After much looking and complaining on my part about being forced into the SUV section of strollers, I found one that I can live with (I think). It is a smaller double wide with a weight of no more than 25 pounds, not to mention the way it folds up on its self means that I can take it traveling. Since I love to travel and want my kids to be able to join me on these adventures having a stroller that actually folds up and doesn’t weigh a ton is very useful. I promise though not to take up to much space when driving around with my stroller over if I can’t easily get out of the way I will apologize for my wideness.

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