Sunday, October 07, 2007

A bit of sugar for a rainy sunday

We had some very typical Puget Sound weather today, grey clouds, windy and eventually rain. As I sat on the couch while the rest of my family napped (we all have our 1st colds of the season) I started thinking about what kind of yummy food I wanted to bake. First on my list was brownies and then chocolate chip cookies, they both seemed like they could put a little cheer in our hearts. The longer I sat though the less work I wanted to do, not that my brownies are very hard to make. Then I remembered a pancake recipe, but not just any normal pancake recipe one for chocolate chip pancakes. With that settled I started working my magic in the kitchen. In times past when I have done this recipe I have always forgotten to try not adding the cocoa powder to see if that makes them less intense, today I remembered and they turned out quite yummy. After they were all cooked we added some whipped cream and boy were they tasty. It was like eating fresh cookies right from the oven.

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