Sunday, September 30, 2007

Doughnuts for the first time

The doughnuts have risen
the frying of the holes and the doughnuts
the finished product, covered in sugar and plain.
As a trained pastry chef I have long stayed away from making doughnuts. My husband wanted to try a recipe we saw in the latest issue of Sunset magazine for doughnuts, so we embarked on a cooking adventure. You have to make the dough up the night before and then after you cut the dough into the doughnut shapes you have to let them rest another 2 hours. Getting the oil to the correct temperature proved a bit trickier them we thought too. You can see from the last picture that we were successfully. Although I have to admit that they don't taste like commercially made doughnuts.

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Chris & Sonja said...

Oh, they look yummy!