Thursday, August 23, 2007

New Idea for my lame backyard

Above are three pictures of my backyard. Now it isn't my entire backyard just the section we reclaimed last summer from the dog. For many years now I have just let my backyard do it's very own thing. Sure I weed but the same weeds always come back. I didn't put much effort into it because the dog despite us training him not to will walk in all the flowerbeds. I have planted some plants back there (lilacs, lavender, camellia and mint). I figured these would be hardy enough. There used to be an ornamental plum tree that shaded the entire backyard but that fell down one winter after we had a lot of snow. I picked a replacement tree about 5 or so years ago and planted a dogwood. That dumb tree has barely grown! I swear it is going to be the only dogwood bush in the country. Last week I went out for a walk and came across a yard that had been deemed by the Fish and Wildlife department a backyard wildlife sanctuary. Which I find really cool. It was amazing how many birds were singing in that little postage stamp size of a space. This gave me an idea, I could do that in my backyard. I really don't need the sign or the certification but I can and will plant more native plants in my yard. I can even decorate with some old stumps and make it even more inviting to the wildlife in my neighborhood. So, now I have a mission for the backyard and it feels good. I'll be sure to post more pictures of my progress. I already started today by pulling out weeds.

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