Sunday, August 26, 2007

Improving my lame backyard

Arcotostaphylos uva-ursl 'Massachusetts' (a native plant)
Rubus spectabilis 'Salmonberry' (a native plant)
Corylus cornuta 'Beaked Hazelnut' (a native plant)
Crocosmia x 'Red King' (not a native plant)
Symphoricarpos albus 'Common Snowberry' (a native plant)
Perovskia atriplicifolia 'Russian Sage' (not a native plant)

For my birthday my Dad actually gave me cash and so I thought about what I should do with it. I went out and bought the above plants to improve my backyard and should reap the benefits for years to come. I am of course now exhausted after spending many hours in the garden this weekend but look forward to next spring to see all these new plants in action. I am also happy to have planted mostly native Washington plants which all the native birds and other critters will love.


Chris & Sonja said...

Very Cool! I love the fact that you used so many native plants. I'd love to take a class on native flora and fauna. I'm pretty sure that my garden is currently filled with non-natives, including the lawn.

Luna Indigo said...

There are some garden stores that now how whole sections of native plants which helps those of us not schooled in them. Plus there are resources online of course too. We'll see how they grow. I'm looking forward to eating Salmonberries!