Thursday, April 19, 2007

Save Chocolate... Save the World

I really don't know when my love for chocolate began, maybe as early as when I was inside my mother's womb. Who knows. Over the years I have gotten to know more and more about that tasty brown substance that melts on your tongue. I know how to melt it, cool it down on marble, seen that beautiful sheen when it is at the right temperature and even gotten a case of the giggles with a splitting headache thanks to my two weeks of chocolate rotation. Many people do not realize that you can absorb chocolate through your pours and it can effect you in ways that you have never imagined, hence my fits of giggles and horrible headaches. Chocolate as we all know it is being threatened.
What am I talking about?
It seems in an effort to cut costs the Hershey's Corporation has petitioned the FDA to let them use vegetable oil in place of cocoa butter and milk proteins in the place of whole milk. Why is this such a big deal? Cocoa butter is part of what makes chocolate so unique. By changing chocolate on such a basic level you are creating an entirely new food product. And Hershey's wants you to think that it is still chocolate. However it won't taste like any chocolate you have ever eaten and it won't act like any other chocolate you have ever seen.

We need to act fast and sound the alarm to all those who love chocolate. Visit the website to sound the alarm. I filed my comment with the FDA and I encourage everyone else to do the same. It is really easy too. However you must act fast because the deadline is April 25Th 2007! I also encourage the general public to boycott Hershey's.

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