Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Valentine's Day

Yesterday I realized that I could not let Valentine's Day pass by without baking some sort of goody to share. I debated between cookies and cupcakes for a long time and finally (as you can see) settled upon chocolate cupcakes. I bought a new mini muffin pan and tried making mini cupcakes. This apparently was not a good idea, whereas when I have used my new pan to make mini muffins I had a great success. From now on I'll only be making normal sized cupcakes until I figure out the secrets of my mini pan. Over the last several months I've also been trying my hand at buttercream frosting. I kept having the problem of little chunks of butter not being incorporated into the rest of the frosting. For some reason last night when I was making my buttercream frosting and turning it a very bright pink I managed to make it perfectly. I guess pink was the way to go.


Chris & Sonja said...

Those look deliciously scrumptious!

Luna Indigo said...

I think I should open up a bakery. I don't know why it is but everytime I bake sweet yummy things I somehow manage to make them so they aren't overly sweet. I guess that is what happens when you make everything from scratch! And of course everyone loves them. :-)