Thursday, November 16, 2006

High Price of Fame: Walking down the aisle in Rome

Everywhere this week in newspapers, magazines and online there are reports coming in about Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes upcoming nuptials this Saturday in Rome. We are getting reports on when the soon to be married couple arrived in Italy, to who's on the guest list (of course it is all speculation by the press) and who's already bought them gifts. I find it very ironic that Brooke Shields is headed to their wedding while Oprah is rumored to have not been invited. With all this hoopla going on my one question has yet to be answered. Why Rome? Tom Cruise is so incredibly outspoken when it comes to Scientology that I find it weird he is getting married in the same city that houses the Vatican. I realize that Tom and Katie are not being married in the Catholic Church but come on. When money is apparently no object and they could be married anywhere in the world. Why pick Rome? Sure we saw them showing signs of affection all over the world during their short year and a half together. Tom proposed to Katie while they were on the Eiffel Tower. They've spent lots of time in Telluride, Colorado on their 400 acre estate. So, why is Rome the city for them to tie the knot in?

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