Monday, July 31, 2006

The Question of Age---Who cares?

Seems to me that we as a society spend way to much time obsessing about getting older. Why does Hollywood seem to shun those above the 40 year old mark? I was thinking about this recently and came to a conclusion. I'm 30, which according to some is "getting older". However if you think about time I am still quite young compared to many things in the world. For you see our health care is a lot better then it use to be which means people are living a whole lot longer. Which means that potentially I could be alive for another 50 or so years. Damn that's a long time! Why not embrace the generations that are getting older? Seems to me that 50 year olds are looking really great still and hey they could live another 30 years! Why write them off?
I think the concept of middle age should be moved from 40 to 60 don't you? True anyone of us could die in the next 5 minutes but what are the chances?

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