Wednesday, May 31, 2006

High Price of Fame: Conspiracy Theories

Last September I made a comment to my friend Andy. What if Katie Holmes is pregnant with Chris Klein's baby and not Tom Cruise's? Months have passed. A couple nights ago I was talking with Andy and she's now expanded on my silly conspiracy. For you see when Andy flies places she likes to pick up gossip magazines to entertain her during the flight. Having those magazines at hand she says that Katie was showing her belly button and roundness for at least a good 10 months. Funny, women are only pregnant for 9 months. Andy thinks that Katie gave birth to her baby at least two months ago and had to wear a pregnancy belly so that is appears she only had little Suri a month ago. How many pregnant women do you know who are looking really great and are out shopping 2 days before they give birth? And then a few days later are out in public again looking refreshed even though there is a new little bundle of joy at home? Maybe Andy's right and she's just uncovered a nice big conspiracy for the tabloids. At any rate we aren't sure that any of it is true. None the less it has been fun to speculate...

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