Sunday, April 30, 2006

Wet Sand

Nature had a good laugh this weekend at my friends and I. The plan was simple: clean up litter at a local beach in celebration of Arbor Day. Why not plant a tree you say? Ironically this is not the correct season to plant a tree! However to do our small part for the Earth we decided that picking up trash was the way to go.

Friday it was so incredibly beautiful. It was warm and everyone was out wearing shorts. Saturday dawns with heavy cloud cover. What are you going to do? This is after all the Pacific Northwest where we have lots of clouds. The beach clean up was still on. As I headed out to our designated beach the rain began. What the hay I've got my rain coat. I'm met by the volunteer who is coordinating our clean up. At this point it is a steady drizzle of rain now. Out to the very grey beach we walk. There is an incredibly low tide. I met up with the group and now I do believe it is pouring. We are all picking up Styrofoam and other lovely thrown away objects as the rain persists. One of my friends wants to skip her great skipping stone that she has found. So, I join her and out we walk to the water. The wind picks up the further from shore we got. Thankfully the stone skipped wonderfully. If it had just sunk then our trip would have been wasted. By the time we made it back to the rest of the group our jeans and shoes were soaked through. All of us had water dripping off of us. We found some crazy trash out there: broken pens and pencils, Christmas trees, condoms, intact pieces of wooden boardwalks, pipes of various types and shapes, wires, more rope then anyone would know what to do with and our last find was an abandoned teddy bear. There was of course tons of glass and Styrofoam bits too. When we couldn't handle the rain anymore we headed back to the visitor center where warm cocoa and cider awaited us.

Guess what? Today it is sunny again. Go figure!

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