Friday, May 26, 2006

The Oxymorans of Promoting a Movie around the World

An Inconvenient Truth showed at Cannes with Al Gore to happily talk about the movie and global warming. From France he flew to Seattle to again promote this important movie about global warming.

Did you say fly? Why, yes I did.

This movie that everyone ( well critics so far) are raving about is about the effects of global warming on our planet. This topic has long been pushed aside. And it does desperately need to see the light of day. Yes, we need to do something about it now not tomorrow.

However I find something in the promotion a little off. In order for our former Vice President to promote his documentary he has to fly, drive, stay in hotels, employ a staff ( who probably drive), etc...Which actually raises our greenhouse gas emissions more.

Does Mr. Gore live in an eco friendly house? Does he drive a hybrid car? Ride his bike to the office? Wear organically grown clothing? I don't know. I do understand it is hard to drum up excitement for a movie if you aren't there to promote it. However besides just talking a great talk about saving our earth what is Gore doing in his own life to help save it?

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