Saturday, May 20, 2006

High Price of Fame: The Woes of no Tony

Our newspapers and magazines are so funny. Why? Julia Roberts headed to Broadway instead of back to the big screen after time off with her twins. Many people were quite excited to see Hollywood's golden girl on stage. Then the reviews started coming in. Critics didn't think Julia had the acting chops she needed to be on Broadway. The show must go on despite what the newspapers and magazines say. The nominations for the Tony Awards were announced this last Monday. Oprah's production of The Color Purple has been nominated. Julia Roberts was not. Now all the critics who disliked her performance are now exclaiming their outrage of her not being nominated. Oh, what a fickle media we have! Just because you are a big name in Hollywood does not guarantee an automatic award nomination once you hit Broadway. In fact how many veteran stage actors were passed up their first few years before they started to be recognized? Let Julia get a few plays under her belt first folks then we can discuss Tony nominations again.

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