Monday, May 08, 2006

High Price of Fame: Love and Marriage

Marriage is a hard thing. Take two people and get them to compromise on many things, and deal with the many ups and downs of life in general--it can be wonderful and tiresome all at once. Add anonymous people fantasizing about your spouse, the media, long time spent apart and egos jockeying for the ultimate star status and you have a chaotic celebrity marriage.

This last weekend Tori Spelling got hitched for the 2nd time in Fiji. Who cares right? Normally I agree. However she just got married the first time not so long ago. She was so blissful in fact that she did all sorts of celebrity wedding shows and showed off footage of her private wedding moments. Now she's one month into her divorce ( maybe less) and she's already married again. Did I tell you that her new and latest husband divorced his wife of 12 years in September of 2005? And that he proposed to Tori in December of 2005?

I never knew that being married and divorced was so easy! It seems to be as simple as changing one's underwear!

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