Friday, April 14, 2006

Not Again! Another movie poster with BAD photoshop!

Lucky for Jennifer Anniston. She seems to be the victim of yet another horrible movie poster! There was a review of her latest movie Friends With Money in the newspaper this morning. Which makes sense, since it is opening here today. A couple pages later there is an ad for the movie. It has all 4 actresses on it. I had a very hard time recognizing Jennifer though. For it seems someone decided they wanted to make her the "sexy one" of the group. They photoshoped out her linen shirt she was originally wearing with a little tank top. Except they forgot get rid of the long sleeves from her shirt. So, in the poster she has this odd tank top with long sleeves coming randomly out of her shoulders. And Ms. Anniston's face is hardly familiar! It is this ghostly white, very smooth thing with an incredibly pointy nose!

I can't wait to see what The Break Up poster looks like!

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