Sunday, March 26, 2006

Some humans are just not so smart

No, no. This is not about the tragic event that took place yesterday morning where 7 people lost their lives just as they were beginning. My heart goes out to the families and friends of those people who's dreams and desires were cut way to short.

Past that story on the front page of the paper further back in the section I came across a whole article about people who actually are wrestling a black bear. Why the f*ck is that a good idea? Who the hell let's their high school student regularly wrestle a bear? I swear it is a Darwin Award waiting to happen. For you can train a wild animal with all the best intentions but one day instinct can just take hold and you can say hello injuries or worse death.

I have a passion for animals always have and always will. But I also know that no matter how much time they spend with humans and how much training they have. There is a point were their instincts are and can kick in at anytime. And then there is no stopping them. They will defend, protect, whatever they need to do to get away from a human. Which sadly results in death. Usually the animal is put down because "it can not be controlled". Which is not accurate, more likely it never should have been living with a human in the private sector to begin with.

Exotic pets should be banned in all 50 states. Just because an animal is "cute" doesn't by any means need to live in your home or on your property. They will always be wild and do what they know. That can be peeing on your favorite carpet to biting off the finger of a guest at a party you are hosting. Leave it up to trained professionals who have the facilities, capabilities and back up they need to maintain an enriched environment for those beautiful creatures.

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