Sunday, January 08, 2006

High Price of Fame: Oxymorans and Gossip

Gossip seems to surround us in our every day lives. Whether it is on the radio, in the newspapers, on the TV or in the magazines we read. I often wonder why some editor agrees to print most of it.

Take the latest little piece I read somewhere about Miss Lindsey Lohan. As we all know she was in the hospital recently for a severe asthma attack. Apparently ( according to the gossip who noted it!) one of her friends was going in for a visit and someone ( do we know who? Of course not) saw that this friend was carrying in a bag of items. Among other things they claim there was a pregnancy test in the bag. ( Did this person have X-ray vision?) Now , let me think about this for a moment...Severe asthma attack, hospital, lots of tests run? I am guessing that if Miss Lohan was truly in the hospital for an asthma attack then one of the tests they would have run would have been a pregnancy test since they most likely would have put her on some sort of steroid to help her body. And since steroids are very band for developing babies then I am guessing she wouldn't have needed the supposedly brought in over the counter pregnancy test.

Our journalists need some "real" news to report on. Oh, wait there are wars, natural disasters, and many other things going on in the world today...

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