Sunday, November 06, 2005

Sometimes I really wonder how people leave their houses

In my time here on the earth I have seen and heard many things. Many would shock most people. While I worked in various jobs that have involved public contact I have become keenly aware of what not to do while out in public. I am also highly sensitive to bad customer service and how not to block everyone else's way.

Which leads me to my experience today. While out and about today I was in a store and had parked my cart off to the side while I tried to find the toothpaste I wanted. There was another person also checking out the various toothpaste brands. Then there was this younger couple who was making out behind their cart right past the toothpaste ( irony at its finest!). I really don't mind PDAs in fact there should probably be more of it in our little Puritan culture. What bothered me is that they were so into each other that they stopped their smooching long enough to push their cart right into the area where I and this other person were trying to find our toothpastes. Completely oblivious to anyone else around them. They had that dewy look of new romance all over them.

If you are that into your partner stay indoors and have sex all day! Do your shopping later.

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