Wednesday, October 19, 2005

The super heros no one notices

Picture your typical day. Get up, get ready for your day, leave the house, go to work or school, interact with your peers, eat some sort of dinner, attend to your chores or go out and see people.
However you spend your day, like the rest of us sometimes there are good days and bad days right? Sometimes you might think the world has it in for you that day or week.
You are actually pretty lucky.

Step back a moment. Put yourself in a single parent's shoes. Not only do you have get all your stuff done now there is a child or children who needs must be met too. They come to you in crisis and in happiness. You have to provide them with love, support, guidance, food, clothing, etc...And there is no one else to turn to when you are tired and sick or just want to sit.

Single parents not only work full time, they also have to be mom and dad 24/7 360 days a year. Through sun, rain, sleet and snow they must persevere. Some single parents not only work and raise the kids but they also might be going to school to make themselves even better people.

Single parents are the unnoticed super heros of our country.

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