Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Sunday Night Dinner

My friends and I started a weekly dinner every Sunday night. This way we got to catch up on each other's weeks, eat good food, have some crazy conversations and in general just have a good time with dear friends. Occasionally we could get someone new to join us and help us have a lively discussion or play a board game. Of course we've all gotten busy lately and haven't had them as regular as we used to. Over time we have discussed who it would be fun to invite over for Sunday night dinner.
Here is a wish list if you will of some guests who would bring us some fun, interesting stories or help us cook a great meal. Now they might not be someone you would first think of or agree with politically but they sure would have some interesting life stories to share.

Isabel Allende
Johnny Depp
Nelson Mandela
Jane Goodall
Viggo Mortensen
Sidney Poitier
Morgan Freeman
Susan Sarandon
Meryl Streep
Reese Witherspoon
Fidel Castro
Jacques-Yves Cousteau
Karen Blixen ( otherwise known as Isak Dinesen)
Beryl Markham
Kathairine Hepburn
Cary Grant
Audrey Hepburn
John Cleese
Jamie Lee Curtis
Sir Ian McKellen
Dame Judi Dench

And the list goes on and on. Who would you have over to dinner living or dead?

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