Sunday, October 23, 2005

Not an Oscar worthy movie

I actually got out and saw a movie the other day. A dear friend kindly joined me and off we went to see Elizabethtown . Why do I say it isn't Oscar worthy? Simple , the judges wouldn't go for it. Are there good performances in it? Why, yes there are. It was quite nice to see Orlando Bloom in a present day drama. His American accent isn't so hot but he really does an excellent job of portraying his character, Drew's emotions and failures. He doesn't come across as a fraud. Kirsten Dunst also has come a long way from her little vampire beginnings too. The character of Claire is so incredibly lonely. You watch her put herself out there even though it makes her so obviously uncomfortable that you want to go hide under the covers too. Thank you Cameron Crowe for making a movie that quietly covers a range of emotions without doing it with shock value or the false gritty way most movies try and grab your heart strings now a days. Both Bloom and Dunst have grown into adults gracefully without the weirdness of some of the other young stars of today. I look forward to seeing how they continue to mature in the years to come.

On a side note: Elizabethtown made me long to go on a road trip with good music. And talk for hours and hours on the phone with some new friend.

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