Wednesday, August 10, 2005

High Price of Fame: Plastic! Plastic! Plastic!

Done any Botox lately? Gotten your nose realigned? How about liposuction? Wait, wait, I know you had your boobs done right?

Why is this becoming "normal" in our society? I can't count the shows that are reality or fiction based that cover this topic. Don't get me started on Joan Rivers either! When they go to bury her I highly doubt she'll actually decompose!

Have you seen Mike Meyers or Bill Crystal in the last year? They both have this puffy, expressionless look to them now. Somehow not being able to move your face doesn't seem to go hand in hand with being a comedian. You know what I mean?

And what happened to Robert Redford? This great actor who was aging nicely. Acquiring the lines on his face to match his ranch lifestyle and so anti-Hollywood. Next thing you know his eyes are "brighter" and those crows feet are gone.

The Hollywood culture seems to be driving our celebrities into being these weird alien like youthful seeming creatures. I am in agreement with Jaime Lee Curtis. How can we tell what an actor is trying to express if their face doesn't move? When did it become weird to let people age gracefully? Now don't get me wrong I really am not looking forward to aging either but I don't think the answer is plastic surgery. It may be the answer if you have been in a horrible accident and need re-constructive surgery. Don't do it just because FEAR is the factor. Go watch the movie "Brazil" for more reasons why NOT to do this.

Its a shame really that so many have found their "faith" under the knife. Glad to know that people have that low of self-esteem that they are willing to fake their way through life wearing a permanent mask.

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