Wednesday, August 24, 2005

High Price of Fame: Look Younger!

I'm so confused. I got sucked in for about 10 minutes ( yes, I admittedly rotted my brain!) to that damn Filthy Rich Cattle Drive and I sat there wondering something. How come all those girls on that show look like they are about 45? These "women" are what in their 20's? Here I am having just entered into a new decade and I look so much younger healthier then any of them.
Is it the way they wear their make up?
Is it because they all have probably done some sort of wrinkle removing high priced thing?
Is it because they are all so incredibly shallow with their heads stuck up their asses to care about anything other then themselves?

Sorry to say it but none of them are attractive either. Too bad the rich tend to stick with marrying the rich. I bet they are all long over due for some new blood.

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