Friday, August 19, 2005

High Price of Fame: Expecting? Tabloids spill the beans first!!!

Now here's a fun little piece of news. According to some in the gossip world Kirsten Dunst and her on again off again beau, Jake Gyllenhaal, are expecting. Now why are the gossipmongers saying this? Seems someone saw the pair checking out prenatal vitamins.


Last time I checked women who are pregnant or not pregnant can take those. Hell, even a man can take those! Many doctors these days tell women that they can take prenatal vitamins to help them get all the important vitamins and minerals they need. You see most of us don't eat all the required things so any little bit of help we can get to keep ourselves healthy helps.

So, listen up gossip hounds: Lay off the famous people when it comes to announcing their private lives. Most of us in the world could careless about when they go shopping, who they went to coffee with or hell if they are regular. After all our rich and famous are people too, they just have more money!

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