Tuesday, August 16, 2005

High Price of Fame: College Prep

Picture yourself, college freshman. You've finally moved out of home, attending your college of choice. Learning about how to balance all your partying with all your studying that is suppose to be happening. Learning how to deal with your wacky roommate.

Now picture yourself suddenly having rocker Tommy Lee as your classmate or worse your roommate. Now wait a moment here did you just say Tommy Lee? Yes, that's right folks anyone famous these days can get their very own "reality" show. Why do I use the quotation marks? Because even though all the ads are talking about how Tommy has gone back to school and you can learn about the many other sides of this aging rocker. Its all FAKE! True he did attended classes at the University of Nebraska but he didn't enroll. Nope seems he and his camera crew set their sights on the university and were only there for a month. They wanted him there long enough to have to take a test. Never mind that he probably didn't pay anything to attend classes and who knows what happened to the person who's bed he borrows so he can have a real roommate experience.

Same old story really: not much reality happening on "reality television".

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