Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Education Corner: Ever wondered how a Sea Star eats?

Imagine yourself at your favorite place to get a quick bite. You order your meal and take it to the table of your choice. Now imagine with me how you are going to eat this meal. No we aren't going to do it the human way. We are going to enjoy it the Sea Star way. Your stomach comes up and out your mouth finds your meal that you have just purchased and goes back into your body.


Sea Stars will latch onto a clam and using all their tiny feet slowly pull open the live clam. Then when there is enough space between the clam shells it's stomach will go into the clam and start to dissolve the tissues making it easier to slip out and into it's mouth.

Pretty Cool.

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Luna Indigo said...

I am glad at the comments, although it seems that whoever you are that you are simply advertising for yourself. I seem to be writing pretty random things here on my blog and am not quite sure how my blog relates to any of yours. Keep reading though.