Thursday, July 07, 2005

Terror reigns as the all powerful

Every day I go to read the headlines on the BBC website for a different take on the what is happening in our world. Our news coverage here in the States can be very one sided or not even mention some of the major events of the day. I try to be well rounded.
It saddens me to see that violence has erupted during rush hour in London. 33 people are confirmed dead as I type these words and scores of others are injured in a series of 3 bombings. Violence against the innocent seems to be the way of our times. As our leaders push for more money to continue the fighting the world's civilians become the casualties. These people aren't just a faceless mass but our brothers, our sisters, our mothers, our fathers and our children. If this continues we start to lose generations to hatred and bitterness. Don't just sit there and do nothing speak up. Your voice will join in with all the others who are screaming to end this chaotic madness.
For up the minute coverage: The photos sent in by eye witnesses are much more powerful then what you will see on the six o'clock news tonight.

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