Monday, July 04, 2005

Naked Equality

Why is it that women are always going around without a top or naked in movies while men hardly ever do? And then of course there is a HUGE buzz around when a male actor sheds his clothes. For me bodies are just bodies but I get a little tired of only seeing women being naked. Is it because we are still a mainly male dominated world where the male sexual fantasy is more important then the female sexual fantasy? Why do people expect women to get naked first in a movie? I think it is high time that men start getting naked more often in films. I saw the film "Secretary" the other day. Now granted it was on a cable channel so many things were edited for the general public. However there were parts where the female character is lying there completely naked while the male character lies next to her completely clothed. When was the last time you got busy and your partner was completely clothed? Women actors are expected to look perfect all the time even when they are completely naked, why not the men? Although it is always nice to see women who actually have curves getting naked too. I don't know about you but being able to count how many ribs a woman has is rather appalling to me. Let's take the stigma out of male nakedness by accepting the fact that they should get naked too. In the film "Room with a View' some of the male characters strip down to their birthday suits for a swim. There is nothing sexual about the scene but it was refreshing to see men get naked. Being naked doesn't always have to be of a sexual nature especially if you are trying to depict "true life" up on screen.

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