Wednesday, July 20, 2005

The High Price of Fame: It is so hard being pretty!

Woe is me. This week's celebrity gossip is all focused on Jude Law and his affair with his children's nanny. Needless to say his fiancee, Sienna Miller, got a standing ovation a few nights ago when she came out for her bow at the end of her West End play. Seems the audience wanted to show her support for all the turmoil her betrothed is causing her in the media.

Now if I were rich and famous, fresh out of a six year marriage with 3 children, I think I might take my time getting hitched. Seems Jude Law thought differently when he popped the question to Sienna late last year. Rumors flew around that he had to stay in London to keep an eye on his party happy fiancee. Apparently we should have been watching Jude instead, since he was actually getting it on with the nanny. He apparently is claiming to friends that he is the most hated man in Britain.

Jude just seems to be taking his most recent characters of the films "Closer" and "Alfie" to heart. If a man or a woman knows how much they love the chase why do they "commit" and then screw around? Why bother screwing someone over that you claim to care about? Don't they realize how much grief they are causing the other person? I guess not, since an affair is a selfish act.

My advice to all who love the chase: Don't get serious if you know that you are still looking at others and trying to hook up. Go and have your fun without causing pain in someone else's life.
Poor Jude it must be so hard to be so pretty and wanted by lots of women!

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