Thursday, July 07, 2005

Don't understand the hype: Veronica Mars

Last fall I picked two new shows and watched their pilots because I thought from the plot summaries they would be interesting. I must have chosen wisely because I picked Lost and Desperate Housewives. Of course the way my life goes I didn't get another chance to watch either of these shows all year long. Which is fine. Now I also kept seeing critics raving about a little show on the UPN network; Veronica Mars.

Last night I actually had time to sit and watch a bit of TV. I caught a rerun of Veronica Mars. I knew from the few reviews I had seen the basic premise of the show. High school girl searching for her best friend's murderer. I tuned in with an open mind. I quickly found myself switching over to Queer Eye for the Straight Guy ( which I had already seen). Why did I find it so dull? None of the actors who were suppose to be portraying high school students looked or acted like any high students I have known. Maybe if they were freshmen in college it would have been easier for me to accept. Then of course there was the dialogue. It was just nice looking folks reading lines I didn't see any acting going on. Not to mention all the spy gear and fancy cameras these so called high school girls and boys had access too. Fancy bugging devices in staplers, great digital cameras, hiding in a convertible under a tarp in the school parking lot ( and no one noticing!) and having $250 readily available to dole out for a fake ID. The kicker for me was Veronica did all this sleuthing mainly by herself. Sure she had a side kick but he was mainly there for laughs it seemed. With all that she had going on in the episode being the only one doing all this figuring, spying and getting herself out of going to jail just wasn't plausible.

My looking for an hour of cheesy entertainment fell like an egg breaking on a hardwood floor. SPLAT! Next time I'll try and catch an episode of Lost or Desperate Housewives that way I know I'll be entertained for my hour.

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