Tuesday, July 05, 2005

The comedy of eating out; Vegetarian Style

I have been a vegetarian for some years now. In the beginning it was rather tough finding foods that I could eat while dining out but now it is much easier. Plus my eating fish makes things a lot simpler. In all my time as a none meat eater I have never told people that they couldn't eat meat. It is my choice not to indulge in the meat not others, why impose my ideas on others?

Something happens when I go out to eat with people. I don't know why it happens. Maybe they think they are being helpful? I'm really not sure. Usually it is the carnivores that do this behavior. As everyone is quietly contemplating what to order off the menu all of a sudden someone in the group will start pointing menu items out to me that I might order.
" there is a nice piece of halibut"
"oh look there is a vegetarian pasta"
"yes, I saw that"
"there a ton of salads that don't have any meat in them"
"yes, thank- you"
Do people think that vegetarians are incapable of reading because of their lack of eating meat? Do they think we can't possible find all the options that are available for us on a menu? While some people might see it as a nice gesture, it does get rather annoying rather quickly. What if you and I were to go out and I started pointing out all the meats that were available to you?
"hey they have a New York steak here"
"You can order half a barbecued chicken"
You would get rather peeved I am guessing. So, for all the vegetarians out there; we thank everyone for being so helpful but really we can read the menu on our own.

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