Monday, June 13, 2005

Would they? or Wouldn't they?

Ever stopped and thought about movies you've watched long ago and how much they effected you? Now think about those same movies in this post 9/11 and Columbine era. Would those movies still have been made?

I see plenty of print ads and commercials aimed at our teenagers. They all have something in common; playing down to their audience. Whether if its by using extremely over the top gross humor or over the top sex that it's so unbelievable.

Fast Times at Ridgemont High
The Breakfast Club
Pump Up the Volume

None of these movies play down to their teen audience. They address real issues that anyone could have or experience in their life. You meet characters in the movie that could be sitting in your class. Or you see that you really aren't the only one in the world ever to feel a certain way. I believe however in today's market none of these movies would have been made. Producers would have shied away from showing kids how to speak up for themselves or showing just how lost a teenager might feel with all the pressures of home life. And no one would have come near a movie that shows kids dying at each other's hand and then setting a bomb off in the high school. These films would be to controversial for today's teen market. Which is to bad. They all have something vital to show us. I'll keep watching them, will you?


Anonymous said...

You have been quite productive Luna! I have to say, reading that article on women in Guatemala just about killed me. I want so badly to believe that we've grown up and moved past violence directed at women. Evidently we haven't. I was encouraged to hear on NPR today that women in Iran were protesting in the streets against VERY anti-women laws in that country. Maybe they'll actually make progress this time. Can you imagine living in a world where you're not allowed to drive a car or travel without your husband? Not to mention the fact that a woman's life is literally worth half of a man's. Or that she can be stoned to death for having sex before marriage.Why is our world like this?!

Luna Indigo said...

Thanks for your great comments. May I add that if you are a woman in some of these countries that you also need a male family member present if you are receiving visitors in your house or going out!

Who are you by the way?