Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Review not equal to the letter assigned

I read reviews. Yes, I might be one of those few people out there that actually reads the restaurant and movie reviews but I often find them humorous. Over the years I've noticed a trend from those writing the reviews. The letters or the amount of stars given doesn't always match up with the written review. Which is weird. Why would you bother to go through with writing about how much you don't like something and then give it a wonderful amount of stars or a high grade? I read a review for "War of the Worlds" this morning and the reviewer was going on and on about how weak the family story line was. And other things that disappointed him but then gave it a B+. Now if I wrote something that was negative I don't think I would equate a B+ with it. Maybe a C. I love when reviewers are honest and give honest ratings. It can't be easy putting your thoughts out to the general public about movies and restaurants. Its really to bad not all reviewers can do the same.

Here is the review I read. What do you think? Does the written text in your mind equate to the letter given?

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