Wednesday, June 08, 2005

On demand; America the Beautiful

Conform to be popular.

You say that I need to be a size six or smaller.
Bigger breasts are always a good idea.
Blonde is the preferred color of hair.
Remove all body hair.
Small dogs are preferred over small children.
Tan is in. White is so yesterday!
Drinking is acceptable at 19, if you are rich and famous.
The bigger the SUV the smaller the person is behind the wheel.
Cell phones are WELCOME where ever , when ever.
Please dress your six year old like she just stepped off the cover of Vogue.
And ALWAYS complain loudly about how other people are acting.

Isn't America beautiful?

Never mind that people come in all shapes and sizes.
Not everyone should have blonde hair.
Mother Nature gave you body hair for a reason.
Not all of us are happy that little dogs are appearing in our grocery stores.
Ever heard of skin cancer?
How come the average American teenager gets busted for underage drinking while famous teenagers are getting let into the latest hip night spots?
Our oil prices have gone through the roof and they are still promoting gas guzzling fuel hogs?
Yes, please let me and the rest of the bus know exactly how well hung your boyfriend is!
Teaching our 5 and 6 year olds how to be SEXY is such a great idea.
We have turned complaining and suing into a fine art form here is the grand good old USA.

Its not my fault!

How many Americans utter that little sentence in an hour? Its never anyone's fault anymore. It was always someone else caused this or that problem. Own up to it America. You might actually gain some respect with other coutries around the world.

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