Wednesday, June 08, 2005

The high price of fame

Katie and Tom. Tom and Katie. Everywhere we turn there they are. Funny thing is they claim its not just a publicity stunt they are actually in love! So, if its not for the press why the hell do we see them on every cover, in the newspaper, and on the television? Don't they want their so called privacy? Its a funny thing this so called instant love. The older our celebrity men get the younger their women become. Guard your daughters dads they'll be coming for your toddlers soon!

What about Angie and Brad? If you want to interview either of these two about their new movie "Mr. And Mrs. Smith" you'll need to sign an agreement stating that you won't ask them if they had an affair. Otherwise you can be sued for an undisclosed amount of money. For weeks now its been "no comment" from both sides and now they are having journalists sign contracts? Did something happen between them that they would like to now deny? Or is it just a way to get even more press for their movie?

Such a high price is paid in today's world for being internationally famous. While its true when you decide to enter the public arena you should come to expect the photographers to snap your picture at film premieres and other public events. They should not follow you around while you go grocery shopping, or visit the doctor's office, or snap your photo while you garden in your own backyard. There should be lines drawn. Right to privacy goes both ways. Its really unfortunate that the American public has been conditioned to expect these kinds of photos. Who cares who went to what store and who went where on vacation? I am guessing most of the general public could careless.

I am sure however that tomorrow will bring more gossip about Katie and Tom and Angie and Brad. Remember you don't have to buy the trash.

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Don and Kristie said...

I agree with you one hundred percent. I try to focus on me, my wife, my pets, my family, my friends, and the little girls we coach in softball. After that, who cares where other people vacation. People need to learn to just slow down and enjoy their own lives instead of killing themselves trying to live like someone else or look like someone else. Good Site, I will be back for more!