Sunday, June 12, 2005

Education Corner: T or F? A rattle snake is poisonous.

True or False? Wild mushrooms are venomous.

Both answers are False. Please explain you say.

If you eat something and it makes you sick or kills you then it was a poisonous substance that you ingested.

If something bites you and you become ill or die then that something was venomous.

So, the next time you see a snake and are about to say it is poisonous. STOP! Think about it for a moment. I've never heard of someone dying from eating a snake. Have you? I have heard of people dying because a snakes venom has entered into their blood system and they didn't get the anti-venom in time.

And poison dart frog are only poisonous because of the plants they eat. It is not something they manufacture in their bodies. Great form of defense I say.

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