Monday, June 27, 2005

Art treasure or just plain old junk?

Now I realize that everyone has the right to be creative. However I wonder sometimes just where do some ideas come from? Take the above. While staring at a piece of driftwood one day would you suddenly think to yourself; if I attached some antique glassware to this I would have a great piece of yard art! Honestly, the thought has never crossed my mind and I am pretty sure it hasn't probably crossed yours either.

I came across this stand at a small town street fair. Now at first while sitting on the bench across from it, I didn't register what I was looking at. Then I started to focus on the pieces of random driftwood. I asked myself what am I looking at? Then a glass bunt pan popped out at me. I guess they were suppose to be flowers? I didn't check out how much they were selling for.

Good luck to all you yard art enthusiasts! I think I'll stick to the plants.

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